Organis TestChest® Lung Simulator

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Organis TestChest® Lung Simulator

TestChest® is an innovative lung simulator that replicates the complex functioning of healthy and diseased human lungs for mechanical ventilation testing and training. All kinds of artificial ventilation are supported for basic and advanced training in anesthesia, intensive care, emergency medicine and home care. It can be used either as a stand-alone skill training station or integrated into a full-scale patient simulator.

The compact, fully self-contained TestChest® fits on any bed. The stand-alone skill training station can be easily connected with an intubation head and all existing full scale patient simulators for intubation and non-invasive ventilation.

Key Features

  • Realistic patient simulator, which can be programmed for typical lung diseases such as ALI, ARDS, COPD, etc.
  • Accurately replicates lung mechanics, gas exchange and hemodynamics
  • Spontaneous breathing and CO2 production are integrated
  • Automated responses to interventions such as PEEP, CPAP and FiO2
  • With its calibrated sensors, TestChest® serves as a reference for the examination of anesthesia respiratory devices
  • TestChest® responds to all therapeutic interventions such as pressure support, PEEP, CPAP, FiO2 and recruitment maneuvers.
  • Airway connector changes any airway head or manikin to a physiologic lung simulator
  • Hemodynamic module with an artificial finger simulates the oxygenation and cardiopulmonary interactions.
  • Turns any existing mannequin into a physiological lung simulator because TestChest has an airway opening that can be fitted to any mannequin or single head device.
  • TestChest can be connected to all ventilators, for intubated patients as well as mask ventilation.
  • All modalities are possible: pressure-volume maneuvers, recruitment, PEEP adjustment, expiratory trigger sensitivity, pressure control, assist control, volume control, SIMV, PAV, adjustment, APRV, PSV, CPAP, PRVC, ASV, Intellivent and all other modalities.


Whatever you set as a patient, the result of the treatment provided by the student will show on airway pressures, lung volume, arterial oxygen saturation, end-tidal CO2, and more. Outcome is not created by the operator but by the interaction between student and TestChest, in real-time and reproducibly. New forms of interactive learning are possible: submit the same case to different students and let them compete on outcome in a safe environment.

Realistic Simulation

  • Simulates normal spontaneous breathing to mechanical ventilation of heavily diseased lungs
  • Over 20 Programmable parameters: respiratory rate and depth, airway resistance, lung compliance and muscular activity
  • Compatible with all humidified breathing gas mixtures
  • Accurately portray complex breathing patterns, pneumothorax, weaning from mechanical ventilation, and much more
  • Includes pre-programmed scenarios for mechanical ventilation weaning, NIV, ARDS, COPD and COVID-19

Robust Design

Housed in a metal sheet enclosure, two rubber bellows are driven by a linear motor who is able to produce pressures higher than 100mbar. Two steel rods guide the lung assembly which is powered by two independent power supply modules. Ultra-low maintenance and Swiss Quality reliability secure your investment.

Active Learning

  • Appropriate for use with beginning and advanced learners
  • Problem-Based Learning promotes development of critical thinking and decision making skills
  • Remote operation promotes independent decision-making by participants
  • Programmable scenarios simulate progression of lung diseases and recovery process
  • Safe, controlled learning environment without risk to patients

Benefits For Educators

  • Physical model is paired with advanced modeling to accurately portray normal respiratory function and pathologies
  • Built-in sensors enable automated physiologic responses to interventions, allowing educators to fully focus on participants

Simulation Model (MS150147) Includes:

  • Ideal for use with high-fidelity manikins
  • Includes full Pulmonary modeling
  • Optional pre-programmed laptop available
  • One (1) year warranty

Clinical Model Includes (MS150148) Includes:

  • Full Cardio-pulmonary modeling for stand-alone training
  • Finger pulse oximeter simulates oxygen saturation and pulse amplitude
  • Optional pre-programmed laptop available
  • Mass flow regulator allows EtC02 monitoring


  • O2 Finger Module: simulates oxygen saturation and pulse amplitude. This may vary depending on the condition of the intravascular filling. Heart-lung interactions are modeled in this way.
  • CO2 Box: Mass flow regulator for CO2 production. Adjustable dead space, realistic capnograms and can be displayed on any CO2 monitor.

AQAI SIS Software

The AQAI SIS Software enables predefined scenarios and intensively medically relevant diseases.

SIS adds to TestChest®’s breathing models a comprehensive physiological model that controls circulation, metabolism, volumes, pharmacology, and more. These models make it possible to have a look at the whole patient and to treat him with medication, physiotherapy, positioning, etc.

The basic operator panel offers the selection of the pre-configured patients and the degree of breathing activity. Changes from ARDS to airway obstruction and all associated physiological changes are done a the click of a button. Spontaneous activity can be added if needed, e.g. to put a patient to sleep or to wake him/her up. You can easily extend the selection of patients and program your own patient library

Basic Control Software Controls:

  • Selection of preconfigured patients.
  • Selection of preconfigured spontaneous breaths.
  • Setting various parameters of the lung function (compliance, resistance, recruitment, collapse and more).
  • Start of a calibration process.
  • These features enable instant use of all advanced TestChest® features.

Learning Modules Include

  • Basic and differentiated ventilation
  • ARDS
  • Weaning
  • COVID 19

The learning modules can be expanded with the option NIV-Ventilation and transpulmonary pressure


Ventilation Monitor

TestChest® and SIS implement a ventilation monitor in which all relevant ventilation data from spontaneous ventilation to controlled ventilation are shown.

Through the precision of the TestChest® it is particularly suitable for displaying a live feedback of the manual or mechanical ventilation, independently of a respirator’s monitor display.

The monitor allows active learning for beginning and advanced participants:

  • The ventilation monitor is integrated in the combination SIS and TestChest®.
  • Novice students learn about the correct handling of the respirator bag,
  • Experienced practitioners adjust the settings of the respirator.

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