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American Heart Month – The Importance of ACLS Training

American Heart Month serves as a crucial time to advocate for individuals affected by cardiovascular conditions, encourage the adoption of habits promoting heart health and drive progress in cardiac research. It's also a time to promote the advancement of cardiac education and training in healthcare education programs. In the United States, where heart disease stands as the primary cause of death and over 120 million Americans grapple with cardiovascular conditions, the demand for comprehensive training in both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is more pressing than ever. Continue reading to discover effective teaching methodologies and key products that can bolster student engagement, performance and long-term retention in BLS and ACLS training programs.

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Prioritizing Pediatric Simulation Training in Healthcare Education

Though pediatric simulation scenarios in healthcare education aren’t practiced as heavily as other simulation scenarios, data shows when being treated for life-threatening events, infants and children have higher mortality and morbidity rates (2). This can in part be traced back to the weaknesses that have existed within pediatric emergency care for quite some time. Pediatric care is not simply a scaled down approach to adult care, as it’s specialized and requires a different skill set and expertise. Specific training that teaches physicians to recognize the physiologic and emotional differences in care between infants/children and adults is vital in order to effectively meet the healthcare needs of pediatric patients (1).

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Pediatric Resuscitation with the Loaded 9 Drawer Pediatric Crash Cart: Tuesday Teachings - Simulation Innovation

In this week’s Tuesday Teachings episode, we explore a pediatric resuscitation simulation featuring the Loaded 9 Drawer Pediatric Crash Cart by SimLabSolutions. Pediatric mock codes are a great way to improve competence and teamwork in a safe, controlled environment as pediatric code situations warrant higher risk of medication error due to dosage miscalculations. Fortunately, the Loaded 9 Drawer Pediatric Crash Cart contains all of the simulated medications and supplies needed to effectively practice these simulation scenarios. Designed specifically for peds resuscitation training, this cart features color coded drawers organized according to the Broselow system which is the standard for emergency pediatric care.

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Improving Basic & Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

American Heart Month is dedicated to supporting those with cardiovascular conditions, promoting healthy lifestyles, creating access to affordable care and advancing research in cardiac care. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the U.S. and over 120 million Americans living with a cardiovascular condition, the need for proper training in Basic Life Support (BLS) as well as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) has never been greater. Continue reading to learn more about teaching strategies that can enhance student performance and knowledge retention in BLS and ACLS training courses.

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Starting the New Year with Loaded Crash Carts

Each new year brings the promise of new purposes, hopes, opportunities, and goals. While many New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight or exercising regularly, they can also include implementing new teaching strategies with your students. For healthcare training programs, this could include mock code simulations with Loaded Crash Carts from SimLabSolutions to improve recognition of cardiac arrest and adherence to AHA guidelines. Continue reading below to learn about the benefits of implementing these mock codes into your curriculum.

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SimRx Simulated Code Medication: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

In this Tuesday Teachings episode, our nurse educator discusses the benefits of implementing SimRx code medications by SimLabSolutions into your simulations. Every second counts during medical emergencies and patient resuscitation, and mock codes are a great way for students and healthcare professionals to improve self confidence, teamwork and response time. These simulated code medications are ideal tools to train dosing and administration techniques for resuscitation.

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