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The Global Obesity Crisis: Implementing Bariatric Care Into Healthcare Education Training

Obesity has become increasingly prevalent in recent years among Americans and has been at the forefront of conversation in the health sphere due to these rising rates. In 2020, the prevalence of obesity in U.S. adults was estimated to be 42.4%, with worldwide rates having tripled from 1975 (4). With the severity of this disease, it’s more crucial than ever to raise awareness and education, as well as place an importance on training future healthcare professionals on how to care for bariatric patients. Organized by the World Obesity Federation, March 4th is recognized annually as World Obesity Day to shed light on the global obesity crisis. Their goal is to end prejudice and bias against obese individuals while simultaneously highlighting the various factors that contribute to high obesity rates. Continue reading to learn more about obesity factors and the training methods instructors can implement to break down the barriers for caring for bariatric patients.

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Patient Prioritization with SimVS Nurse Call System: Tuesday Teachings - Simulation Innovation

In this week’s Tuesday Teachings episode, we explore a simulation scenario featuring the SimVS Nurse Call System. This system is designed to promote patient prioritization, delegation, and critical thinking among students. Easily installed on any headwall or patient care area, the SimVS Nurse Call System is a key component to healthcare education training and enhancing the skills vital to fast-paced healthcare environments.

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SimBodies EMS-MAN Trauma Patient and Paramedic Scenario: Tuesday Teachings - Simulation Innovation

In this episode, we explore a trauma patient and paramedic simulation featuring our SimBodies Trauma Care / EMS-MAN Manikin. The Full Body SimBodies EMS-MAN is the world’s most realistic adult medical manikin. EMS-MAN has a life-like look and feel with flexible limbs and splash proof, washable skin. The partially open eyes have eyelids that can be moved manually and the wig is made from real human hair. EMS-MAN is designed for ACLS training with an accurate human casted airway for intubation and supraglottic airway device insertion. The lungs inflate when assisted ventilation is administered correctly, and airway sounds are provided by a Bluetooth speaker. Watch our full video below to see an interactive scenario involving an EMS team responding to a trauma victim.

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