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Starting the New Year with Loaded Crash Carts

Each new year brings the promise of new purposes, hopes, opportunities, and goals. While many New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight or exercising regularly, they can also include implementing new teaching strategies with your students. For healthcare training programs, this could include mock code simulations with Loaded Crash Carts from SimLabSolutions to improve recognition of cardiac arrest and adherence to AHA guidelines. Continue reading below to learn about the benefits of implementing these mock codes into your curriculum.

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The Importance of Observation During Healthcare Simulation

Simulations and hands-on exercises are designed to promote students’ ability to apply the skills they’ve learned in a realistic way. However, when it comes to simulation scenarios, the presence of an instructor can oftentimes affect the student’s critical thinking and decision-making ability, whether they realize it or not. SimScreen® is an innovative solution to this obstacle, allowing students to function independently throughout the simulation while being observed discreetly by their instructor via a two-way mirror. Students are able to focus on their assessments and implement care based on their findings without the subconscious effect of the observer, just as they would in a real-life clinical setting.

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Simulating Vehicle Extrication With SimRescue

A common challenge instructors face is delivering quality, hands-on exercises for students. By enabling students to demonstrate what they learned in a realistic way, practical experience is vital to applying the skills acquired in the classroom. Simulating these life-like situations has proven to be helpful to students not only as a way to perform skills more in-depth, but to instill confidence for when a real-life situation happens. SimRescue helps bridge the gap of realistic practice for vehicle extrication training by delivering a safe and effective solution. In this blog we will explore the SimRescue product features and the benefits of implementing it into training programs.

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Creating a Simulation Lab: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

In today’s Tuesday Teachings video, we discuss the essential products you need for creating your own simulation lab for optimal healthcare education training. Simulation labs provide students the ability to master key clinical skills without any risk to patients, while bridging the gap between skills trainers, theory coursework and clinical rotations. With an abundance of supplies and equipment to choose from, starting a simulation lab from scratch can be overwhelming. In this video we provide our top picks to help educators improve the quality of healthcare.

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An AED Saved Damar Hamlin’s life. One Could Save Yours Too.

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2nd. After a seemingly routine tackle, the 24-year-old Hamlin stood up, took two steps and suddenly fell backward as he lost consciousness. Medical personnel immediately rushed to his side, started CPR and used an automated external defibrillator (AED) to restore a normal heart rhythm. These interventions saved his life and he was discharged from a Cincinnati hospital one week later. Continue reading to learn more about how an AED could save your life or the life of a loved one.

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New Year, New Office! Check Out the New DiaMedical World Headquarters!

For those that don’t already know, we rang in the New Year with a new office! DiaMedical World Headquarters is now located at 31440 Northwestern Hwy Suite 150, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.

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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: Training Practitioners for Prevention & Early Detection

With January being Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to shed light on the significance of early detection, prevention and treatment options for the disease. It’s especially important to train practitioners considering early detection is oftentimes a critical factor in the ability to treat. Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide, with an estimated 604,000 new cases in 2020 alone. It is also important to note the link between human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer, as nearly all cases of cervical cancer can be attributed to HPV infection (1-3). Research shows that vaccination and screening for HPV can decrease cervical cancer incidence and mortality by at least 80%, but more providers who can perform these procedures are needed (4-5). This blog will describe how students can gain the skills and training needed to protect their patients from the threat of cervical cancer.

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SimBodies EMS-MAN Trauma Patient and Paramedic Scenario: Tuesday Teachings - Simulation Innovation

In this episode, we explore a trauma patient and paramedic simulation featuring our SimBodies Trauma Care / EMS-MAN Manikin. The Full Body SimBodies EMS-MAN is the world’s most realistic adult medical manikin. EMS-MAN has a life-like look and feel with flexible limbs and splash proof, washable skin. The partially open eyes have eyelids that can be moved manually and the wig is made from real human hair. EMS-MAN is designed for ACLS training with an accurate human casted airway for intubation and supraglottic airway device insertion. The lungs inflate when assisted ventilation is administered correctly, and airway sounds are provided by a Bluetooth speaker. Watch our full video below to see an interactive scenario involving an EMS team responding to a trauma victim.

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Introducing The Lynacare™ HC107 Hi-Low Hospital Bed: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

The new Lynacare™ HC107 Hi-Low Hospital Bed was designed for all types of home and long-term care settings. The HC107 helps prepare students with practice outside of acute care facilities, making it an ideal option for CNA, LPN and RN programs. Follow along with our latest video to see why the Lynacare™ HC107 is a great choice for skills demonstrations and to learn how educators are incorporating homecare simulations into their curricula.

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SimScreen: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

Save time, money and lives with the SimScreen® by DiaMedical! In today's episode, our nurse educator Sally O'Meara breaks down features of the SimScreen® and how it can be used in a variety of healthcare scenarios. The SimScreen® is an innovative solution for healthcare professionals and instructors looking to enhance their observation setting. The SimScreen® Protective Observation Screen is a cost effective and portable two-way mirror which separates the observer from the student. The SimScreen® also offers space saving advantages for colleges or hospitals with limited space for their simulation lab.

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