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Choosing the Right Hospital Bed for Your Simulation Lab: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

A hospital bed is a major investment for any simulation lab, and instructors want a bed that will meet the learning needs of students as well as deliver many years of reliable use. However, with so many options it can be difficult choosing a bed for your healthcare education program. This week’s episode focuses on three fantastic med-surg hospital bed options for training:

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FAQs with Our Nurse Educator - Sally O’ Meara

National Nurses Week is celebrated May 6th-12th and is a time to acknowledge the dedication and effort put forth by those in the nursing profession. Supported by the American Nurses Association (ANA), the nursing profession is an essential component of the healthcare system and here at DiaMedical our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by providing educators the tools they need to help shape the future generation of healthcare professionals. As we use this week to recognize the unwavering commitment made by nurses all over and their dedication to making positive impacts to the healthcare field, we want to honor our very own on-staff Nurse Educator Sally O’Meara, MSN, RN. With over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse and 15 years of teaching experience, Sally brings expertise and passion to healthcare education and provides both students and instructors with all the tools to run innovative and cost-effective healthcare simulations! Continue reading below to learn more and enjoy our latest video featuring a sit down with Sally discussing her journey through nursing practice and career at DiaMedical!

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Choosing the Best Manikin for Your Curriculum

Manikins and simulators are a great way to enhance healthcare education, as they bring a new level of realism to traditional classroom settings. When utilized in simulation scenarios, students are able to get more in-depth practice on various skills and procedures, creating an opportunity to master skills validations and gain the confidence to perform in a real-life situation. DiaMedical is a provider of hundreds of manikins, simulators and skills trainers from several manufacturers for a wide range of curriculum and program needs. From pre-hospital and emergency scenarios to specialized care like obstetrics and pediatrics, DiaMedical has you covered. We also offer a wide variety of high and low-fidelity manikins so instructors have all the tools needed to teach students any skill, no matter how advanced. These high-fidelity simulations made possible by some of our medical manikin options provide a key advantage by allowing students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a clinical setting that looks and feels life-like (1). This level of realism supplied by full-body manikins that mimic human physiology is highly beneficial when it comes to preparing future health professionals for real-life scenarios in their practice.

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The Global Obesity Crisis: Implementing Bariatric Care Into Healthcare Education Training

Obesity has become increasingly prevalent in recent years among Americans and has been at the forefront of conversation in the health sphere due to these rising rates. In 2020, the prevalence of obesity in U.S. adults was estimated to be 42.4%, with worldwide rates having tripled from 1975 (4). With the severity of this disease, it’s more crucial than ever to raise awareness and education, as well as place an importance on training future healthcare professionals on how to care for bariatric patients. Organized by the World Obesity Federation, March 4th is recognized annually as World Obesity Day to shed light on the global obesity crisis. Their goal is to end prejudice and bias against obese individuals while simultaneously highlighting the various factors that contribute to high obesity rates. Continue reading to learn more about obesity factors and the training methods instructors can implement to break down the barriers for caring for bariatric patients.

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EMS Loaded Jump Bags: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

In today’s Tuesday Teachings episode we are highlighting EMS Loaded Jump Bags™ by SimLabSolutions. Composed of all the supplies and simulated medication needed to practice life-saving procedures for both children and adults, the Loaded Jump Bags are an essential EMS training tool. Watch the full video below!

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SimRx Simulated IV Fluids & Blood Bags: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

In today’s Tuesday Teachings video, nurse educator Sally O’ Meara highlights SimRx Simulated IV Fluids & Blood products by SimLabSolutions. Specifically created to help educators teach best practices in IV Therapy, SimRx Simulated IV Fluids replicate their active counterparts in all physical aspects.

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DiaMedical Diagnostics: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

Save time, money and lives with our DiaMedical Diagnostics by DiaMedical. In today's episode, our nurse educator, Sally O'Meara will breakdown features included in DiaMedical Diagnostics and how the equipment can be used in a variety of patient care scenarios. At DiaMedical, our mission is simple: improve the quality of healthcare by providing innovative tools like our Tuesday Teachings series to help educate the next generation of medical professionals.

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SimRx Simulated Code Medication: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

In this Tuesday Teachings episode, our nurse educator discusses the benefits of implementing SimRx code medications by SimLabSolutions into your simulations. Every second counts during medical emergencies and patient resuscitation, and mock codes are a great way for students and healthcare professionals to improve self confidence, teamwork and response time. These simulated code medications are ideal tools to train dosing and administration techniques for resuscitation.

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