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Choosing the Right SimServeRx™ SmartCart for Your Program

Automated Medication Dispensing Systems are now standard fixtures in hospitals to prevent medication errors in nursing, streamline inventory management and reduce diversion of controlled substances. They are also complex tools that require hands-on training before use with patients in clinical settings. The SimServeRx™ ESS Bedside SmartCarts are designed with this purpose in mind as they allow students to use an eMAR, barcode scanner and electronically controlled drawers to practice patient safety with medication administration. However, it can be challenging for educators to decide between the Bedside SmartCart and the Advanced Bedside SmartCart for their simulation lab. Continue reading to learn more about which option is best suited for your program and healthcare simulations.

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Advancing Healthcare Education with Your New SimServeRx™ Medication Management System!

Adding an automated medication dispensing system to your simulation lab is exciting but it can also be a daunting task for educators who are not familiar with the advanced technology. Thankfully, the SimServeRx™ medication management system is specifically designed for ease of use with pre-programmed patient profiles that make it ready to “plug and play” right away in your sim lab. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect when a SimServeRx™ Medication Dispensing Cabinet or Bedside Administration Cart arrives on your campus.

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Improving Basic & Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

American Heart Month is dedicated to supporting those with cardiovascular conditions, promoting healthy lifestyles, creating access to affordable care and advancing research in cardiac care. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the U.S. and over 120 million Americans living with a cardiovascular condition, the need for proper training in Basic Life Support (BLS) as well as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) has never been greater. Continue reading to learn more about teaching strategies that can enhance student performance and knowledge retention in BLS and ACLS training courses.

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SimRx Simulated Code Medication: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

In this Tuesday Teachings episode, our nurse educator discusses the benefits of implementing SimRx code medications by SimLabSolutions into your simulations. Every second counts during medical emergencies and patient resuscitation, and mock codes are a great way for students and healthcare professionals to improve self confidence, teamwork and response time. These simulated code medications are ideal tools to train dosing and administration techniques for resuscitation.

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