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The Importance of Observation During Healthcare Simulation

Simulations and hands-on exercises are designed to promote students’ ability to apply the skills they’ve learned in a realistic way. However, when it comes to simulation scenarios, the presence of an instructor can oftentimes affect the student’s critical thinking and decision-making ability, whether they realize it or not. SimScreen® is an innovative solution to this obstacle, allowing students to function independently throughout the simulation while being observed discreetly by their instructor via a two-way mirror. Students are able to focus on their assessments and implement care based on their findings without the subconscious effect of the observer, just as they would in a real-life clinical setting.

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SimScreen: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

Save time, money and lives with the SimScreen® by DiaMedical! In today's episode, our nurse educator Sally O'Meara breaks down features of the SimScreen® and how it can be used in a variety of healthcare scenarios. The SimScreen® is an innovative solution for healthcare professionals and instructors looking to enhance their observation setting. The SimScreen® Protective Observation Screen is a cost effective and portable two-way mirror which separates the observer from the student. The SimScreen® also offers space saving advantages for colleges or hospitals with limited space for their simulation lab.

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