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Our Mission

Improve the Quality of Healthcare

We serve as a turnkey solution for healthcare facilities and educational institutions allowing clinicians and instructors to prioritize patient care and education.

Empowering Clinicians to

Prioritize Patient Care

  • +Streamlining Operational Efficiencies
  • +Simplifying Supply Chain & Vendor Management
  • +Understanding Inventory Management & Analytics
Empowering Teachers to

Prioritize Education

  • +Creating Innovative Products Designed for Healthcare Education
  • +Bridging the Gap Between Products & Education
  • +Turnkey Procurement & Service Solutions for Full Simulation Lab Management

Explore Our
Other Divisions

DiaMedical USA is a manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment, supplies, furnishings and replacement parts that serves as a turnkey solution for healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

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MedMattress combines skilled manufacturing and innovative healthcare technology to provide medical support surfaces for every facility.

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SimLabSolutions developers and creates innovative and cost-effective solutions to enhance training and simulation.

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HomeCare Hospital Beds creates a simple process for purchasing high quality home medical equipment at a guaranteed great price.

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SaniSnooze waterproof mattress collection is designed to make cleaning up after bedwetting and incontinence messes simpler.

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Create a portable observation space with SimScreen! Our complete line of SimScreens have become increasingly popular with educators because they allow students to make independent critical decisions without relying on cues from instructors.

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Teach with an ambulance in your classroom! SimRig The Ambulance Trainer is designed to provide an unparalleled level of realism and precision to EMS training, allowing students to enter the workforce with a complete understanding of how to operate with an ambulance.

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