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A time saving solution for healthcare facilities, simulation centers and educational institutions looking for organized and coordinated project management. Our network of dedicated service technicians provide white glove delivery, installation and assembly for a variety of medical equipment including hospital beds, furnishings, privacy curtains and headwalls.

DiaMedical’s National Service Network offers a turnkey solution for busy facilities requiring simplified and seamless project management. Our worry-free white glove services take the stress out of coordinating multiple deliveries, arranging for limited access delivery or lift gate delivery, correctly assembling intricate products and installing medical equipment appropriately.

Worry-Free White Glove Services

Delivery & Installation is
Scheduled with Account Manager

Your dedicated account manager will contact you to explain what to expect with our white gloves services and then schedule a delivery and installation date that fits your schedule. We understand that many facilities do not have freight elevators or wide doorways and our team will make appropriate accommodations to fit the needs of your facility.

Equipment is Delivered,
Inspected & Inventoried

If your school requires same-day installation or your facility is not capable of receiving multiple shipments and storing large items, our team can coordinate the deliveries of all your equipment to one of our centralized locations. Once your items are delivered to our centralized location, our project coordinators inspect the shipments, record product conditions and inventory the products.

White Glove Delivery

Many older schools, rural hospitals or small teaching facilities are not prepared to unload large shipments, move bulky items through narrow spaces or do not have enough available employees to assist. Our experienced team will provide the necessary staff to unload and navigate large items such as hospital beds and medical carts through narrow hallways and up multiple staircases.

Hassle-Free Assembly

Assembling large items or intricate medical equipment including overbed tables, hospital beds or shelving units can be time consuming, tedious and frustrating for inexperienced staff. Our technicians are trained on the product lines they assemble and will ensure your items are built correctly every time.

Worry-Free Installation

When installing equipment such as headwalls or privacy curtains, many manufacturers do not include the appropriate mounting hardware. Our trained technicians will assess and evaluate the desired installation location to appropriately install equipment based on your facility’s construction. Once assembled and installed, your equipment will be tested to ensure basic functionality.

Debris is Removed

After your products are delivered, assembled and installed, our service techs will dispose of any packaging materials and debris. We promise to leave your facility or sim lab as clean as we found it!

Contact an Account manager to Schedule White Glove Delivery & Installation today!