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Sim Lab Startup Guide

Why Should I Build a Simulation Lab?

Clinical Simulation Labs provide students with a great learning space to develop key clinical skills without risking any potential harm to patients. The benefits of using simulation to improve healthcare education are well documented, by creating a realistic learning environment that mimics a specific care environment students can truly immerse themselves in a scenario. By allowing students to become active participants in their own learning they are free to use critical thinking skills without risking harming a patient.

How Do I Get Started Building a Lab?

At DiaMedical it’s our mission to improve the quality of healthcare by providing innovative tools to educate the next generation of medical professionals. Our on-staff nurse educator has developed a list of some of the most important products educators should include in their simulation lab.

Patient Care Manikins

Medical Manikins are the most important piece of any simulation lab. By utilizing modern patient care manikins students can practice a variety of basic and advanced skills without risking harm to a human patient. Low-fidelity manikins are ideal for standardized skills practice and validations while medium-fidelity manikins are better suited for interdisciplinary simulations and helping students refine their clinical decision-making skills.

CAE Juno Nursing Skills Manikin


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• Durable mid-fidelity manikin configured for multiple nursing skills including; cardiac care, airway skills, patient movement and more

Life/Form Keri Nursing Skills Manikin


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• Versatile nursing skills manikin which features a variety of skills including; catheterization, oral and nasal hygiene, ostomy care and more

Bed Suite Packages

When hospital beds are used to their full potential, clinicians are better able to care for their patients and protect themselves from injury. Students must learn how to utilize all 5 functional positions for patient care, including High/Low, Fowler’s, Knee, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg. In addition, split polycarbonate side rails should always be used to teach patient positioning and transfers.

Vantage Med Surg Tutor Bed Suite Package


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• The #1 hospital bed package for instructors looking to recreate a realistic clinical environment, featuring a new Vantage Med Surg Hospital Bed and a variety of clinical furnishings

Hillrom CareAssist Hospital Bed Sim Lab Starter Suite


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• Provides instructors equipment to create a realistic clinical care environment, featuring a reconditioned Hillrom Hospital bed and a variety of clinical furnishings

Training Headwalls

Training headwalls are a critical element of any hospital room and they help turn any sim lab into a realistic patient care area. Non-functioning headwalls are sufficient for demonstrating basic patient care skills in nursing assistant courses. Conversely, functioning headwalls are required for advanced skills validations and interdisciplinary simulations.

36” Discover Headwall Package


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• Simulates air, oxygen and suction with one source of air by connecting to an external silent air compressor

30” Simulated Mirage Surface Mounted Headwall


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• Non-functional facade that provides instructors with the ability to create an accurate depiction of a headwall in a clinical environment

Infusion Pumps

Students commonly struggle with programming infusion rates and dosages into infusion pumps throughout their clinical rotations. Reconditioned infusion pumps with simulated drug libraries provide students with opportunities to correctly manage IV therapy and identify errors they may find in a clinical setting.

Alaris Medley Infusion Pump Combo #5


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• Includes the DiaMedical educational drug library allowing students to train infusing both primary and secondary medications

Hospira Plum A+ Infusion Pump


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• General-purpose infusion pump that is ideal for RN programs, emergency medical and paramedic programs

IV Poles

Even though IV poles may seem to be simple pieces of equipment, they must be able to roll easily along the floor while holding expensive infusion pumps. A wide base with 5 or 6 caster wheels is essential for stability, especially if multiple infusion pumps will be attached to the pole. Educators should always try to use poles with four hooks so multiple IV bags can be used during a simulation.

DiaMedical Heavy Base Pro IV Stand


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• Heavy duty IV stand with a low center of gravity base for extra stability

5 Leg 4 Hook Deluxe IV Pole


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• Non-breakable composite base with removable 4-hook hanger with pushpin release

Patient Monitors

While vital signs measurement can be delegated to assistive personnel, nursing students must use their critical thinking skills to interpret the results in the context of the patient’s illness and medical treatment. Vital signs are a key component of clinical decision making, especially to determine if the patient meets the criteria for SIRS, sepsis, or septic shock.

SimVS Hospital Pro Virtual Diagnostic Platform


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• Allows instructors to incorporate monitor, defibrillator, ventilator and fetal monitor interfaces to aid in the development

DiaMedical VSM3 Vital Signs Monitor


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• The VSM3 brings effective vital signs monitoring to most ambulatory and clinical settings for both adult and pediatric patients

Automated Medication Dispensing

Safe management and administration of medications is one of the most essential skills for nursing practice. Med carts with simulated injectable, oral and topical medications are ideal for nursing fundamentals courses while automated med dispensing systems challenge students with simulated eMAR programs and integrated drug libraries.

SimLabSolutions SimServeRx ESS Advanced Bedside Smart Cart


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• Complete medication management system designed to simulate the entire medication administration process with 10 incorporated patient profiles highlighting common drug administration errors

SimLabSolutions Signature Loaded Medication Cart


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• Pre-loaded cart with a variety of simulated medications to educate students on how to safely administer medication in assisted living, rehab and skilled nursing facilities

Crash Carts

Resuscitation of a patient in cardiac arrest is the most complex, stressful situation for experienced healthcare providers. Running mock codes with Loaded Crash Carts increase student confidence and minimize hesitation when immediate action is needed to save the patient’s life. Medical emergencies are no longer limited to the ICU, students need to be able to assist with resuscitation no matter where they are providing patient care.

SimLabSolutions Simulated Loaded 6 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart


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• Easy, cost effective solution for any simulation lab, this 6 drawer cart is loaded with all of the supplies and simulated medications recommended for teaching both adult and pediatric cardiovascular life support

SimLabSolutions Loaded 5 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart


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• This 5 Drawer cart is loaded with all the supplies and simulated medications required for simulating advanced adult cardiovascular life support in emergency care settings

Obstetric & Neonatal Care

Maintaining a neutral thermal environment is one of the most important challenges that newborns face after delivery. Minimizing heat loss with an infant warmer during the first few hours of life greatly reduces neonatal morbidity and mortality. Once a stable body temperature is achieved, the infant is transferred to a bassinet to stay in the newborn nursery or with the mother.

SimLabSolutions 7013 Radiant Infant Warmer


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• A great tool for teaching the proper use and functionality of an infant warmer students will find throughout their clinical rotations

SimLabSolutions SS Bassinet With Drawer


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• Portable 3 panel screen that allows the instructor to separate themselves from the student in a simulation lab

Observation & Assessment

SimScreens & Privacy screens are cost-effective options for dividing large sim labs into separate patient care and debriefing areas. Studies have shown that along with equipment and psychological fidelity, simulation requires environmental fidelity. Simulation fidelity stems from the idea of providing the student with a realistic environment to completely immerse the student into the simulation.

SimScreen Standard Simulation Panel


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• Utilizes two-way mirror technology to create a portable observation space instructors can use to observe and evaluate their students

Drive Medical 3 Panel Privacy Screen


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• Portable 3 panel screen that allows the instructor to separate themselves from the student in a simulation lab

Simulated IV Fluids & Code Medications

Simulated medications match their active counterparts in all physical aspects but contain inert, non-hazardous ingredients that do not require special storage or disposal. The labels clearly indicate that they are for educational purposes only and cannot be used with humans or animals. Simulated injectable, oral, topical, inhaled, and IV medications are available for all types of training scenarios and simulations.

SimRx Simulated IV Fluids

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