Alaris 8300 EtCO2 Module - Instructional Use

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Alaris 8300 EtCO2 Module – Instructional Use

The Alaris 8300 EtCO2 Module is used for continuous, noninvasive measurement of exhaled carbon dioxide and respiratory rate. It brings continuous respiratory monitoring to all patient care areas with an easy-to-use technology that is effective with both intubated and non-intubated mobility as well as oral or nasal breathing.

The Alaris 8300 EtCO2 Module is designed for use with the Alaris 8000 or 8015 Point of Care Unit

  • Alaris Medley 8015 PC Unit – Instructional Use
  • Alaris Medley 8000 PC Unit – Instructional Use


  • Uses Coviden’s patented microstream non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy
  • Continuously measures the amount of CO2 during every breath, the amount of CO2 present at the end of your patient’s exhalation (EtCO2), during inhalation (FiCO2), and their respiratory rate (RR)
  • Measures partial CO2 pressures between 0 – 99 mmHg at sea level, accurately calculating EtCO2 and FiCO2 values for all valid breaths
  • Displays trend real-time patient respiratory rate, EtCO2 and no breath alarm status
  • Non-invasive sidestream capnograph, indicated for use with adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients
  • Does not show interference with important anesthesia gases and has automatic barometric pressure compensation
  • Moisture and secretions are effectively removed from samples by the Microstream inline filter, which captures unwanted contaminants while maintaining the shape of the CO2 waveform
  • May be connected to Alaris 8120 PCA module to reduce risk of opioid-induced respiratory failure
  • Infusion pauses if the patient’s respiratory parameter falls below hospital-defined levels
  • Alaris 8120 PCA Module – Instructional Use
  • Customizable profiles add flexibility across all patient care areas


  • Reconditioned
  • Displays & Logs
    • Capnography Waveform: Gives real-time graphical display of CO2 concentration throughout respiration cycle
    • Data Display: Waveforms, trending data, BPM (breaths per minute), and numerical data
    • EtCO2: CO2 concentration in mmHg at end of patient’s exhalation
    • FiCO2: Fractional-inspired CO2 present during patient’s inhalation
    • Trend Data: Tabular display of EtCO2 and respiratory rate. Shows average, high, and low values, in addition to alarm conditions for time period displayed.
  • Limits & Alarms
    • Data Storage: Up to 24 hours of patient data
    • Limit Mode: Configurable mode can be set to display adult or neonatal mode.
    • Programmable Alarm Limits: Programmable alarm limits for EtCO2, FiCO2, respiration rates, and No Breath time periods.
    • EtCO2 Low/High: 0 – 98 mmHg/5 – 99 mmHg
    • FiCO2 High: 2 – 99 mmHg
    • No Breath: 10 – 60 seconds
    • Respiratory Rate (RR) High/Low: 0 – 150 bpm
    • Low Battery: Indicates need to plug into alternate power source when battery nears depletion.
  • Electrical
    • Power Requirement: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 24 W
    • Battery: Rechargable battery lasts for 5.5 hrs. Recharges when plugged into VAC source.
  • Dimensions: 3.3″ W x 8.9″ H x 5.5″ D
  • One (1) year warranty

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