EDAN AX2 / AX3 / LX9 Transducer

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EDAN AX2 / AX3 / LX9 Transducer


EDAN Transducers For EDAN Acclarix AX2, AX3 and LX9 Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems 



  • C5-1Q: C5-1Q Acclarix AX/LX Single Crystal Convex Probe  
  • C5-2Q: C5-2Q Acclarix AX/LX Series Convex Array Transducer    
  • C6-2MQ: C6-2MQ Acclarix AX2, AX3, LX9 Mechanical Convex Array Transducer  
  • E10-3BQ: E10-3BQ AX2/AX3/LX9 Endocavity array transducer    
  • E10-3HQ: E10-3HQ AX2/AX3/LX9 Endocavity array transducer    
  • E8-4Q: E8-4Q AX/LX Endocavity array transducer    
  • L12-5Q: L12-5Q AX/LX Linear array transducer    
  • L17-7HQ: L17-7HQ Acclarix AX2, AX3, LX9 Linear Array Transducer    
  • L17-7SQ: L17-7SQ Acclarix AX2, AX3, LX9 Linear Array Transducer    
  • MC8-4Q: MC8-4Q Acclarix AX2, AX3, LX9 Micro Convex Transducer    
  • MC9-3TQ: MC9-3TQ Acclarix AX2 and AX3 Micro Convex Transducer  
  • P5-1Q: P5-1Q EdanUSA Acclarix AX2/AX3/LX9 Phased array transducer    
  • P7-3Q: P7-3Q EdanUSA Acclarix AX2/AX3 Phased array transducer

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