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Medication Safety Week: Reducing Medication Errors Through Healthcare Education & Training

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Published on April 6, 2023 at 8:14:47 AM PDT April 6, 2023 at 8:14:47 AM PDTth, April 6, 2023 at 8:14:47 AM PDT

Medical error has climbed to be among the leading causes of death, with a large portion attributed to various medication errors in nursing like improper dosage or wrong infusion rate. In response to the alarming statistics on preventable harm, the week of April 1st-7th is recognized as Medication Safety week. In efforts to draw awareness to the importance of patient safety with medication administration, it’s crucial that both consumers and healthcare professionals are educated in medication management, storage and usage. This week aims to reduce medication error through means of education and training, as well as encourage understanding of pharmaceutical interactions with other drugs, supplements and foods. At DiaMedical, we are proud to be the exclusive provider of the SimServeRx™, a medication management system that educates students on the importance of the 5 rights of medication administration. 

Prevention of Medication Error Through Training 

It’s vital to teach future healthcare professionals best practices for medication safety in hopes they'll carry these practices with them throughout their careers. This includes proper storage, inventory management and administration. The SimServeRx™ Medication Dispensing System is the only medication management system on the market specifically designed for healthcare education, making it a top choice among educators. Through exclusive features like the SimReset Function and patient profiles, educators are able to offer students a unique experience to grasp the entire medication distribution process from start to finish. As the only dispensing system that offers a SimReset Function, the same simulations can be run repeatedly, allowing students the opportunity to master key competencies in medication management. In addition to the SimReset Function, SimServeRx™ includes ten (10) pre-programmed patient profiles with integrated simulations, drug reports and debriefing questions. Corresponding medication packages can also be purchased to go along with the patient profiles, enabling instructors to run unique simulations. 

The SimServeRx™ system offers a variety of products to fit your level of needs. The Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinets are available in a 2 or 3 module version that provide a unique closed loop solution for medication management from order entry to medication administration and anything in between. The ESS Advanced SmartCarts are available in a 1 or 2 module version and enable students to grasp the entire process of safe medication distribution from the start of dispensing a medication and accounting for medication inventory, to when the medication is scanned at the bedside and administered to the patient. In addition to these innovative products, DiaMedical’s series of Tuesday Teachings videos serve as a resource to showcase the features and functions of these products as well as how instructors can implement simulation scenarios into their training curricula. 

Key Takeaways

Continuing to prioritize medication safety in healthcare education training and continuing education courses is vital to reduce risk of medical error. The SimServeRx™ system is one way to facilitate competence and confidence as it ensures patient safety by reducing human error, offers efficiency in medication management and delivers intuitive and trouble-free solutions to your facility. For more information on our products that aid in promoting medication safety, reach out to a DiaMedical expert at 877-593-6011 or info@diamedicalusa.com.


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