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Utilizing SimServeRx™ Patient Profiles to Enhance Medication Management Simulations

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Published on November 1, 2023 at 3:01:05 PM PDT November 1, 2023 at 3:01:05 PM PDTst, November 1, 2023 at 3:01:05 PM PDT

Teaching best practices in medication management has become a top priority for educators when structuring their healthcare education training programs. Specifically designed for healthcare education, SimServeRx™ Medication Dispensing Systems provide instructors a way to simulate the entire medication dispensing process from start to finish. Students are able to safely and effectively learn medication administration as well as see how systems like SimServeRx™ minimize medication errors, streamline inventory management and reduce diversion of controlled substances. To further enhance realism in simulation scenarios, SimServeRx™ offers a Patient Profile Package! Created by Nurse Educators with over 30 years of clinical experience, the SimServeRx™ Patient Profile Package provides instructors with ten (10) unique medication administration simulations. Continue reading to learn more about how Patient Profiles help educators elevate simulations and meet medication management learning goals.

What Are Patient Profiles?

SimServeRx™ Patient Profiles are pre-programmed, providing plug-and-play convenience for instructors. These profiles require students to use critical thinking skills to determine which medications should be administered or clarified with the prescriber. Each Patient Profile includes basic shift report information with recent lab values and medications to be administered. Students must identify additional information from the shift report, interpret lab results, identify key nursing assessments and practice SBAR communication with physicians. You can view an example of a Patient Profile here

What’s Included? 

The Patient Profile Package includes:

-Ten (10) unique patient profiles with instructor and student copies

-Student learning goals with daily patient worksheets and 5 minute nursing care plans

-Instructor handbook with correct answers to all student questions

-Digital download sent to only one (1) user

It’s important to note that no medication or supplies are included with this package. Corresponding simulated medication packages featuring simulated meds from SimRx and Demo Dose® are available and make a great addition to your simulation scenarios. By implementing these simulated medication packages into the curricula, instructors enable students to use critical thinking to address the embedded medication errors, promoting confidence and mastering of core competencies in medication management. These simulated meds are easily organized into the modules to create increased convenience and minimize instructor preparation time. Each simulated medication package also includes a corresponding diagnosis that can be found below: 

Final Thoughts 

Promoting best practices for medication dispensing is vital for healthcare education programs. SimServeRx™ systems offer educators a way to safely and effectively teach students the medication administration process from start to finish in a way that closely mimics real clinical settings. Features like Patient Profiles and Simulated Medication Packages further enhance medication management simulations and enable students to see the impact of their care decisions in real time. For more information on SimServeRx™ products and Demo Dose® simulated medications, reach out to a DiaMedical expert at info@DiaMedicalUSA.com.


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SimServeRx™ Patient Profile Package 

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