Choosing the Right SimServeRx™ SmartCart for Your Program

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Published on June 21, 2023 at 3:04:28 PM PDT June 21, 2023 at 3:04:28 PM PDTst, June 21, 2023 at 3:04:28 PM PDT

Automated Medication Dispensing Systems are now standard fixtures in hospitals to prevent medication errors in nursing, streamline inventory management and reduce diversion of controlled substances. They are also complex tools that require hands-on training before use with patients in clinical settings. The SimServeRx™ ESS Bedside SmartCarts are designed with this purpose in mind as they allow students to use an eMAR, barcode scanner and electronically controlled drawers to practice patient safety with medication administration. However, it can be challenging for educators to decide between the Bedside SmartCart and the Advanced Bedside SmartCart for their simulation lab. Continue reading to learn more about which option is best suited for your program and healthcare simulations. 

SimServeRx™ ESS Bedside SmartCarts

SimServeRx™ 1-Module and 2-Module ESS Bedside SmartCarts are mobile computer workstations on wheels designed for automated medication dispensing at the patient’s bedside. They have software-controlled electronic locking drawers that open when students scan the patient’s ID bracelet or use the touchscreen monitor to select specific medications. Bedside SmartCarts are designed for programs that already use simulated eMAR/EHR programs like SimChart or EHR Go. This is because the SimServeRx™ SmartStation SA software is designed to work alongside a simulated eMAR and hide in the background until needed. 

SimServeRx™ ESS Advanced Bedside SmartCarts

In contrast, the SimServeRx™ 1-Module and 2-Module ESS Advanced Bedside SmartCarts include a comprehensive software package with simulated eMAR, medication orders and an integrated drug library. This SimServeRx™ Advanced Foundation software package is specifically designed for training and enables educators to easily create customized patient profiles and order sets that would not be possible with other pharmacy software programs. For instance, dangerous drug errors and interactions can be embedded into the order sets for students to identify and address. SimServeRx™ is the only system that includes simulated medication formularies from SimRx, Demo Dose® and Wallcur in its integrated drug library. These features enable unique experiences for students to review the eMAR for each patient, dispense all scheduled and PRN medications and document the medications that were administered. Afterward, instructors can use the exclusive SimReset feature to run the same medication administration scenario over and over again for standardized demonstrations and graded skills validations. They can also use the Snapshot function to save specific sets of patient profiles for use in future semesters.  

SimServeRx™ Patient Profiles

One of the most popular features of the SimServeRx™ Advanced ESS Bedside SmartCart is the set of ten (10) pre-programmed adult patient profiles:  

  • Adrian Andrews - CHF
  • Alex Adams - DVT
  • Cameron Cooney - Diabetes & HTN
  • Carroll Cleary - Metastatic Breast Cancer
  • Chris Crawley - CHF
  • Drew Davies - Diabetes & CAD
  • Jamie Johnson - Chest pain rule out MI
  • Robin Ritter - Acute Bronchitis
  • Shannon Sanders - Postoperative Hip Surgery
  • Taylor Thompson - Aspiration Pneumonia

Instructors can log into the computer, load the drawers with simulated medications and begin working with students. This type of “plug-and-play” technology is one of the many reasons SimServeRx™ is a favorite among educators everywhere. These profiles also help to recreate the entire nursing process with shift reports, lab results and scheduled medications to be administered. Students are challenged to decide which medications should be administered as ordered and which must be clarified with the prescriber. This is extremely important because most of the profiles have embedded medication errors in the order sets, including contraindications, interactions and allergies. Finally, simulated med packages are available for each patient profile with the corresponding oral, subQ, IM, IV, transdermal, sublingual, inhaled, otic, optic and nasal medications. 

Final thoughts

SimServeRx™ Bedside SmartCartsare expertly designed for nursing programs and sim labs that refuse to be held back by traditional healthcare education teaching methods. DiaMedical remains at the forefront of medication safety/administration training with SimRx code meds and IV fluids along with full Demo Dose® and Wallcur formularies. To request a quote or for more information about any of these products, reach out to a DiaMedical Account Manager at 877-593-6011 or