How to Utilize Remaining Funds to Enhance Your Training Programs

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Published on June 6, 2023 at 8:29:23 AM PDT June 6, 2023 at 8:29:23 AM PDTth, June 6, 2023 at 8:29:23 AM PDT

The end of the school year is the perfect opportunity for simulation lab directors to take a look at their supplies and equipment to determine what will be needed for the fall. Any leftover funds from the 2022-2023 school year can be used to make these purchases, but deadlines for spending are approaching quickly. DiaMedical is ready to help with a wide variety of healthcare training items that are ready to ship.

Simulated Medications

Simulated medication usually needs to be restocked at the end of the year, especially insulin, heparin, and code medication that is used frequently. Long term care med cards are important as well since they cannot be refilled after use. Don’t forget to give inhalers a good shake to make sure they won’t go empty when students use them in the fall! It is also a good idea to get some extra simulated IV bags so that students are challenged to read the labels carefully. IV bags containing 0.25% saline, 0.45% saline or hypertonic 3% saline can be placed next to 0.9% saline bags to help students realize how easily these medications can be mistaken for each other. 

Emergency Carts

No instructor wants to discover that essential items are missing from the crash cart in the middle of mock code scenarios. However, keeping emergency carts fully stocked with essential supplies can be a huge challenge for busy sim lab directors. This is why DiaMedical offers refill kits for all of the SimLabSolutions Loaded Carts, including:

-Loaded 5 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart + Refill Kit - Adult

-Loaded 6 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart + Refill Kit - Adult/Pediatric

-Loaded 9 Drawer Emergency Crash Cart + Refill Kit - Pediatric

-Simulated Loaded 6 Drawer Anesthesia Cart + Refill Kit

-Loaded Postpartum Hemorrhage Cart + Refill Kit

-Loaded Malignant Hyperthermia Cart + Refill Kit

To make restocking carts as convenient as possible for instructors, all refill kits arrive neatly organized in sturdy cardboard inserts and ready to be placed in the drawers, allowing instructors to continue running their mock code simulations.  

Infusion & Injection Supplies

How is your IV tubing, Luer lock syringes and safety needles inventory? DiaMedical carries a full range of gravity IV tubing sets as well as sets designed for infusion pumps. Other essential supplies include cost-effective simulated triple lumen catheters, IV start kits, and injection trainers. Also, make sure that all of your IV poles are sturdy enough to make it through the next school year! Don’t take chances with expensive infusion pumps - the DiaMedical Heavy Base Pro IV Stand is a great option to keep them mounted securely.  

Infusion Pumps 

Now is the time to go through all the infusion pumps in the sim lab to make sure they will be ready for fall. If additional pumps are needed, DiaMedical carries a full line of Alaris Medley, Baxter, Hospira Plum, and B. Braun Infusion Pump models with free shipping! Infusion pumps may also need to be checked for frayed cords, non-functional buttons, or broken door latches. If you find any of these common problems, they can be sent to DiaMedical’s team of biomedical technicians for repairs. Even if your pumps all seem to be in good working order, sending them in for preventative maintenance will help ensure that they will perform flawlessly throughout the next school year. Proactively replacing parts that are susceptible to wear and tear can significantly decrease high-cost repairs and down time when the pumps are needed most. 

Skills Bundles

Skills/Training Bundles from SimLabSolutions make it easy for instructors to add new skills to their existing curricula. Designed by DiaMedical’s experienced Nurse Educator, these bundles not only include essential supplies but also feature helpful articles, mnemonics, simulation training tips, and video links to promote best practices for patient care and simulation training in healthcare. 

-Rapid Sequence Intubation Training Bundle

-Asthma Management Training Bundle

-Chest Tube Management Training Bundle

-Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention Training Bundle


Mobile SimScreens® are a great option if your budget has additional funding. They allow instructors to create portable observation spaces anywhere in the sim lab in order to provide students with the freedom to make their own decisions about the patient’s care. Alternatively, the SimVS Nurse Call System allows instructors to remotely send alarm sounds to patient rooms to help students develop prioritization and multitasking skills. Additional SimVS Nurse Call Tablets are also available to accommodate up to 20 patient care areas! 

Key Takeaways

It is vital to ensure budgets are properly utilized so that instructors/students get the most out of their healthcare education training and healthcare simulations. DiaMedical is dedicated to helping simulation lab directors plan accordingly and decide how to best use leftover funds/choose the right products for their medical simulation training needs. For more information on a particular product or to request a quote, please reach out to a DiaMedical expert at 877-593-6011 or