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How to Utilize Remaining Funds to Enhance Your Training Programs

The end of the school year is the perfect opportunity for simulation lab directors to take a look at their supplies and equipment to determine what will be needed for the fall. Any leftover funds from the 2022-2023 school year can be used to make these purchases, but deadlines for spending are approaching quickly. DiaMedical is ready to help with a wide variety of healthcare training items that are ready to ship.

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Starting the New Year with Loaded Crash Carts

Each new year brings the promise of new purposes, hopes, opportunities, and goals. While many New Year’s resolutions focus on losing weight or exercising regularly, they can also include implementing new teaching strategies with your students. For healthcare training programs, this could include mock code simulations with Loaded Crash Carts from SimLabSolutions to improve recognition of cardiac arrest and adherence to AHA guidelines. Continue reading below to learn about the benefits of implementing these mock codes into your curriculum.

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The Importance of Observation During Healthcare Simulation

Simulations and hands-on exercises are designed to promote students’ ability to apply the skills they’ve learned in a realistic way. However, when it comes to simulation scenarios, the presence of an instructor can oftentimes affect the student’s critical thinking and decision-making ability, whether they realize it or not. SimScreen® is an innovative solution to this obstacle, allowing students to function independently throughout the simulation while being observed discreetly by their instructor via a two-way mirror. Students are able to focus on their assessments and implement care based on their findings without the subconscious effect of the observer, just as they would in a real-life clinical setting.

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Creating a Simulation Lab: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

In today’s Tuesday Teachings video, we discuss the essential products you need for creating your own simulation lab for optimal healthcare education training. Simulation labs provide students the ability to master key clinical skills without any risk to patients, while bridging the gap between skills trainers, theory coursework and clinical rotations. With an abundance of supplies and equipment to choose from, starting a simulation lab from scratch can be overwhelming. In this video we provide our top picks to help educators improve the quality of healthcare.

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Using Simulation to Teach Best Practices for Long-Term Care

Though simulation training is most commonly associated with acute care emergency scenarios, it is also ideally suited for many long-term care programs. In fact, simulation is becoming increasingly important as patient acuity in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities has surged over the past few years (1,2). Long-term care simulation labs are now essential components of RN, LPN and nursing assistant programs, as they enable students to safely practice skills in a controlled environment under the close supervision of instructors. There is no risk to patients and students have opportunities for clinical decision-making that are not possible in clinical settings. Continue reading below to learn more about how educators can use simulation to better prepare students to provide safe patient care in every type of extended care setting.

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SimScreen: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

Save time, money and lives with the SimScreen® by DiaMedical! In today's episode, our nurse educator Sally O'Meara breaks down features of the SimScreen® and how it can be used in a variety of healthcare scenarios. The SimScreen® is an innovative solution for healthcare professionals and instructors looking to enhance their observation setting. The SimScreen® Protective Observation Screen is a cost effective and portable two-way mirror which separates the observer from the student. The SimScreen® also offers space saving advantages for colleges or hospitals with limited space for their simulation lab.

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