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Introducing The Lynacare™ HC107 Hi-Low Hospital Bed: Tuesday Teachings - Product Knowledge

The new Lynacare™ HC107 Hi-Low Hospital Bed was designed for all types of home and long-term care settings. The HC107 helps prepare students with practice outside of acute care facilities, making it an ideal option for CNA, LPN and RN programs. Follow along with our latest video to see why the Lynacare™ HC107 is a great choice for skills demonstrations and to learn how educators are incorporating homecare simulations into their curricula.

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Using Simulation to Teach Best Practices for Long-Term Care

Though simulation training is most commonly associated with acute care emergency scenarios, it is also ideally suited for many long-term care programs. In fact, simulation is becoming increasingly important as patient acuity in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities has surged over the past few years (1,2). Long-term care simulation labs are now essential components of RN, LPN and nursing assistant programs, as they enable students to safely practice skills in a controlled environment under the close supervision of instructors. There is no risk to patients and students have opportunities for clinical decision-making that are not possible in clinical settings. Continue reading below to learn more about how educators can use simulation to better prepare students to provide safe patient care in every type of extended care setting.

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Simulated Patient Positioning & Body Mechanics: Tuesday Teachings

In this Tuesday Teaching’s episode, students demonstrate proper patient positioning and body mechanics, featuring our Lynacare HC107 Hi-Low Hospital bed. Led by our nurse educator, Sally O’Meara, this skills validation explores the dos and don'ts of patient positioning while also showing how to prevent caregiver injury. Click the link below to watch the positioning simulation!

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