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Choosing the Best Manikin for Your Curriculum

Manikins and simulators are a great way to enhance healthcare education, as they bring a new level of realism to traditional classroom settings. When utilized in simulation scenarios, students are able to get more in-depth practice on various skills and procedures, creating an opportunity to master skills validations and gain the confidence to perform in a real-life situation. DiaMedical is a provider of hundreds of manikins, simulators and skills trainers from several manufacturers for a wide range of curriculum and program needs. From pre-hospital and emergency scenarios to specialized care like obstetrics and pediatrics, DiaMedical has you covered. We also offer a wide variety of high and low-fidelity manikins so instructors have all the tools needed to teach students any skill, no matter how advanced. These high-fidelity simulations made possible by some of our medical manikin options provide a key advantage by allowing students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a clinical setting that looks and feels life-like (1). This level of realism supplied by full-body manikins that mimic human physiology is highly beneficial when it comes to preparing future health professionals for real-life scenarios in their practice.

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SimBodies EMS-MAN Trauma Patient and Paramedic Scenario: Tuesday Teachings - Simulation Innovation

In this episode, we explore a trauma patient and paramedic simulation featuring our SimBodies Trauma Care / EMS-MAN Manikin. The Full Body SimBodies EMS-MAN is the world’s most realistic adult medical manikin. EMS-MAN has a life-like look and feel with flexible limbs and splash proof, washable skin. The partially open eyes have eyelids that can be moved manually and the wig is made from real human hair. EMS-MAN is designed for ACLS training with an accurate human casted airway for intubation and supraglottic airway device insertion. The lungs inflate when assisted ventilation is administered correctly, and airway sounds are provided by a Bluetooth speaker. Watch our full video below to see an interactive scenario involving an EMS team responding to a trauma victim.

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