Choosing the Best Manikin for Your Curriculum

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Published on April 27, 2023 at 8:48:48 AM PDT April 27, 2023 at 8:48:48 AM PDTth, April 27, 2023 at 8:48:48 AM PDT

Manikins and simulators are a great way to enhance healthcare education, as they bring a new level of realism to traditional classroom settings. When utilized in simulation scenarios, students are able to get more in-depth practice on various skills and procedures, creating an opportunity to master skills validations and gain the confidence to perform in a real-life situation. DiaMedical is a provider of hundreds of manikins, simulators and skills trainers from several manufacturers for a wide range of curriculum and program needs. From pre-hospital and emergency scenarios to specialized care like obstetrics and pediatrics, DiaMedical has you covered. We also offer a wide variety of high and low-fidelity manikins so instructors have all the tools needed to teach students any skill, no matter how advanced. These high-fidelity simulations made possible by some of our medical manikin options provide a key advantage by allowing students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a clinical setting that looks and feels life-like (1). This level of realism supplied by full-body manikins that mimic human physiology is highly beneficial when it comes to preparing future health professionals for real-life scenarios in their practice. 

Choosing Your Manikin 

CAE Ares Emergency Care Manikin - MS140088: A mid-fidelity emergency care manikin that offers an enhanced training experience for pre-hospital/emergency care providers. Perfect for EMT, paramedic, BLS, ALS and ACLS programs, the CAE Ares is a durable and reliable combination of simple emergency care manikins/CPR manikins with feedback device and those with unparalleled modeled patient physiology. It’s a great option for programs looking to run first aid and resuscitation team scenarios over and over due to its durability. The CAE Ares is also available in medium and dark skin tones and can easily switch between male and female patients via interchangeable genitalia. Some key features include: 

-Realistic articulation

-Range of motion in hips, knees, ankles and shoulders 

-Bag-valve-mask ventilation 

-Orotracheal and nasotracheal intubation

-Placement of various airway adjuncts

-Endotracheal tube intubation

-Retrograde and fiberoptic intubation

-Unilateral blood pressure measurement by auscultation and palpation 

-Available as Base, Advanced or Complete Option 

CAE Juno Nursing Skills Manikin - MS140083: A mid-fidelity manikin that combines the streamlined simplicity of a nursing skills training manikin with CAE Healthcare’s Maestro software, allowing instructors to program customized simulations and on-the-fly patient responses. The CAE Juno Nursing Skills Manikin is available in a variety of skin tones and as a base or complete configuration. Some product highlights include: 

-Includes ten (10) Simulated Clinical Experiences

-Pre-recorded speech phrases

-Constant two-way audio communication between manikin and operator

-Lightweight, fully wireless and tetherless

-Uninterrupted simulation during patient transport/transfers

SimBodies Trauma Care / EMS-Man Manikin - MS150294: The world’s most realistic adult medical manikin, Simbodies Trauma Care EMS-Man features a life-like look and feel with flexible limbs, splash proof and washable skin, partially open eyes with eyelids that can be moved manually and a wig made from real human hair. EMS-MAN is designed for ACLS training with an accurate human casted airway for intubation and supraglottic airway device insertion. Key product features include: 

-Blood-filled humerus and tibia sites for IO access

-BVM ventilation and needle thoracentesis with chest seal application

-Inflatable lungs when assisted ventilation is administered correctly

-Anatomically correct airway, chest and pelvis

-Thigh/groin wound packing with application of direct and indirect pressure

-Application of spinal collar, pelvic binder and traction devices

Life/Form® GERi Nursing Skills Manikin - MS150166: Realistically simulating an elderly female patient that can be converted to a male for basic patient care and advanced nursing skills, the GERi Nursing Skills Manikin features flexibility and natural movements for patient positioning and range of motion. All major joints have natural non-pinching movement to provide realistic practice of patient handling. The hands and feet are made of soft, flexible Life/form® material for added realism. Available in light or medium skin tone and a complete or auscultation configuration that includes SimScope heart and lung auscultation sites, this manikin features the ability to perform the following nursing skills: 

-Gastrostomy procedures, lavage and gavage

-Urinary catheterization: female and uncircumcised male

-Pap smears and douching

-Stage B prostate exam

-Nasogastric tube placement

-Ostomy care: ileostomy and colostomy tissue

-Ear canal irrigation, otic drops, and hearing aid placement

-Intramuscular injection sites: arm, thigh, buttock

-Oral and nasal hygiene: lavage, gavage, and suctioning

-Tracheostomy care and suctioning

Simulaids Large Body Rescue Randy Extrication Manikin - MS150184: Developed for life-like patient handling, transportation and extrication training, Large Body Rescue Randy is great for hazardous situations as it's designed for longevity and rugged use. The U.S. Military, Fire and Police Departments, Safety Teams and Emergency Personnel utilize Rescue Randy in their diversified training environments to simulate rescue and extrication from confined spaces, collapsed buildings, smoke rooms and more. Some features include: 

-Durable cast vinyl with a zinc-plated steel frame with additional reinforcement

-Articulated joints made from 4,100-lb. test plastic-coated cables

-6'1" tall manikin constructed per human weight distribution charts

-Available in two (2) weight options: 125 lbs, 185 lbs

-Three (3) year limited warranty 

Key Takeaways 

  • Choosing the correct medical manikin to fit your curriculum can be challenging, especially with hundreds of options available. DiaMedical is prepared to help simplify the process and provide instructors the tools to choose which manikins and simulators best suit their curriculum/healthcare training program needs. Our Virtual Learning Center is also a fantastic tool that features articles and videos showcasing awesome products like our manikins and simulators. For more information on a particular product or to request a quote, please reach out to a DiaMedical expert at 877-593-6011 or


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